Northwind Synthetic Dinnerware Collection

$47.00 - $162.00

The ideal and non-slip nautical tableware!
Choose between the flat round or square melamine plate and between the classic soup bowl or the bowl, also ideal for pasta or cereals. In addition, the dishes, bowls and jars are non-slip and the dishes are dishwasher safe.
Complete the line with unbreakable glasses and cups, or stainless steel nautical cutlery


COMPOSITION: Melamine 100% (M) – BPA Free
INSTRUCTIONS: This product is designed for table use, not adapted for cooking or direct fire. Microwave only
90 seconds.

COMPOSITION: 60% Acrylic + 40% Polystyrene (MS) – BPA Free
INSTRUCTIONS: Not suitable for liquors and for warm beverages. Not suitable for microwave.

Size Guide
Melamine Northwind Non-Slip Dinner Plate Set of 6

10″ Diameter

Melamine Northwind Soup Plate Set of 6

7-1/2″ Diameter

Melamine Northwind Dessert Plate Set of 6

8″ Diameter

Melamine Northwind Non-Slip Mug Set of 6

3-3/4″ Height, 3-1/2: Diameter

Melamine Northwind Breakfast Set, Set of 6

Cup: 2-7/8″ Height x 3-1/4″ Diameter, Saucer”5-5/8″ Diameter

Melamine Northwind Coffee Set, Set of 6

Cup: 2″ Height x 2-5/8″ Diameter, Saucer: 4-5/8″ Diameter

Melamine Northwind Individual Bowl Set of 6

5-7/8″ Diameter

Melamine Northwind Salad Bowl and Servers

2-5/8″ Height x 9-7/8″ Diameter

Melamine Northwind Oval Serving Dish Set, 2 PC

Large Platter Size: 14″ Length x 10″ Wide

Melamine Northwind Rectangular Tray

15-3/4″ Length x 11-7/8″ x 2″ Wide

Melamine Northwind Snack Set, 4 PC

10″ Length x 3″ Height x 2-1/4″ Wide

Melamine Northwind Bowl Set of 6

7.5″ Diameter

Melamine Northwind Square Dinner Plate Set of 6

10″ x 10″

Melamine Northwind Square Bowl Set of 6

5.9″ x 5.9″

Melamine Northwind Square Dessert Plate Set of 6

8.2″ x 8.2″

Northwind Flatware Collection 24 PC

24 Pieces for 6 People

Northwind Stackable Glass Set of 12

3-5/8″ Height 2-7/8″ Diameter

Northwind Wind Glass Set of 6

7-3/8″ Height, 2″ Diameter

Northwind Champagne Glass Set of 6

8-3/4″ Height 2″ Diameter

Northwind Water Glass Set of 6

4-3/4″ height 3-3/4″ Diameter

Northwind Beverage Glass Set of 6

6″ Height 3″ Diameter

Northwind Wine Glass Tumbler Set of 6

3-3/4″ Height 3-3/4″ Diameter

Northwind Stackable Wine Glass Set of 6

4-1/2″ Height 3″ Diameter


To extend the life of this article, it is recommended to avoid using
abrasive cleaners. To prevent stains from coffee and tea we recommend washing immediately after use. Any
irregularities in the design are part of the production process and should not be considered as a defect.
This product is dishwasher-resistant.

This product is dishwasher-resistant (top rack only). However it is
advisable to wash it by hand, gently and with a neutral soap in order to maintain the transparency.

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