Nude Glass Hepburn Drinkware Collection

$60.00 - $145.00

The mastermind behind the NUDE Hepburn collection, Brad Ascalon believes in uncomplicated design that manages to strike a balance of form, function and concept. The range includes a cocktail shaker, a mixing jug, an alchemy glass, as well as tumblers, martini and mixer glasses. Crafted from lead-free crystal, the Hepburn series merges clean lines with brass-like accents — the classic yet modern combination exudes glamour. By carefully weighing the bottoms, Ascalon adds stability and a sense of authority to each piece.


Lead-free crystal
Perfect for cocktail lovers

Size Guide
Hepburn Mixing Glass with Metal Stirrer

22 fl oz / 3.8″ / 7.48″

Hepburn Shaker with Metal Top

500 cc

Hepburn Alchemy Glass

9.25 fl oz / 3.62″ / 4.82″

Hepburn Set of 4 Low Ball Glasses

12.85 fl oz / 3.62″ / 3.7″

Hepburn Set of 2 Coupe Glasses

6.59 fl oz / 4.0″ / 6.7″

Hepburn Set of 4 Long Drink Glasses

14.37 fl oz / 2.97″ / 6.1″

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