Juliska Emerson White/Pewter Dinnerware Collection

$30.00 - $216.00

Infinitely versatile and rimmed in our burnished Pewter stoneware, our Emerson collection with new pieces is artisanal, rich and warm. Emerson is now a full dinnerware pattern!


Made of Ceramic Stoneware
Made in Portugal

Size Guide
Juliska Emerson White/Pewter 5pc Place Setting

Measurements: / Dinner Plate: 11″ W / Dessert/Salad Plate: 9″ W / Side/Cocktail Plate: 7″ W / Cofftea Cup: 4″L, 4″W, 4″H (12 oz) / Cereal/Ice Cream Bowl: 6.75″L, 6.75″W, 3″H (24 oz)

Juliska Emerson White/Pewter 4pc Place Setting

Measurements: / Dinner Plate: 11″ W / Dessert/Salad Plate: 9″ W / Cereal/Ice Cream Bowl: 6.75″L, 6.75″W, 3″H (24 oz) / Coupe Pasta/Soup Bowl: 9″L, 9″W, 2.5″H (1 Qt)

Juliska Emerson White/Pewter Dinner Plate

Measurements: 11″W

Juliska Emerson White/Pewter Dessert/Salad Plate

Measurements: 9″ W

Juliska Emerson White/Pewter Side/Cocktail Plate

Measurements: 7″ W

Juliska Emerson White/Pewter Cereal/Ice Cream Bowl

Measurements: 6.75″L, 6.75″W, 3″H

Juliska Emerson White/Pewter Coupe Bowl

Measurements: 9″L, 9″W, 2.5″H

Juliska Emerson White/Pewter Coffee/Tea Cup

Measurements: 4″L, 4″W, 4″H

Juliska Emerson White/Pewter 13″ Serving Bowl

Measurements: 13″L, 13″W, 3.5″H

Juliska Emerson White/Pewter 15″ Platter

Measurements: 15″L, 9.5″W, 1.5″H


Oven, Microwave, Dishwasher, and Freezer Safe

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