Signoria Di Firenze Arona Sham


Victory is the meaning of the Palm tree. Its hard yet delicate shape evokes ancient worlds but at the same time it is becoming a refined piece of furniture of modern days. The weaving of the branches on this yarn-dyed jacquard fabric is very precise and the interplay of the threads in the warp elegantly highlight the veins of the leaves. The Arona sham is well suited to classic but also contemporary environments. Available in Standard, Euro and King sizes, the Arona Shams have four flanges of 2 inches neatly finished with a simple hem. Made in Italy.


Size Guide

King: 21×37

Euro: 26×26

Standard: 20×26


Do not overload the washing machine
Use a mild detergent
Wash bed linens separate from other fabrics especially synthetics that may pill and affect the smoothness of the bed linens.
Linens should be separated into light and dark colors and washed separately from anything else
Wash 100% linen and linen/cotton blends separately to avoid abrasion from other fibers especially synthetic fibers. Wash delicate cycle cold water.
Do not pour detergent directly on fabric; add the detergent to the water first and then add your linens.
Do not use bleach or detergents with bluing agents or whiteners- these may weaken fibers and cause them to yellow.
Unless linens are very stained or soiled you may reduce the recommended amount of detergent.
Use a delicate spin cycle

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