Strahl Vivaldi Glassware Collection

$63.00 - $84.00

Unbelievably clear, Vivaldi’s glass like clarity combined with timeless shapes present an elegant solution to any home looking for the safety of polycarbonate without sacrificing the elegance of glass. Thoughtful touches like grooves built into the sham for water flow add the final touches to create a collection perfect for any use.


Size Guide
Strahl Vivaldi 12-oz Double Old Fashion Set of 6

H: 3/34 T:3, B: 3

Strahl Vivaldi 10-oz Rocks Tumbler Set of 6

H: 3 1/2, T: 3 1/2, B: 3 1/4

Strahl Vivaldi 17-oz Beverage Tumbler Set of 6

H:7 1/4, T:2 3/4, B:2 1/2

Strahl Vivaldi 8-oz Rocks Tumbler Set of 6

H:3 1/4, T:3, B:3

Strahl Vivaldi 22-oz Cooler Set of 6

H: 6 3/4, T: 3 1/2, B:2 3/4

Strahl Vivaldi 10-oz Highball Set of 6

H:6 1/4, T:2 1/2 B:2 1/4

Strahl Vivaldi 14-oz Highball Tumbler Set of 6

H:5 1/2, T:3, B:2 3/4

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