Strahl Beer Glassware Collection

$64.00 - $114.00

With a shape for every need and superior insulation for every drink, Strahl’s Beer collection lets you and your guests enjoy your favorite drafts for longer no matter how hot it gets. From small at home “Cheers!” to large outdoor parties, you’ll appreciate the long lasting durability while your guests continue to enjoy the hand finished clarity


Size Guide
Strahl 13.5-oz Craft Beer – Set of 6

H:7 1/2, T:3 1/4, B:3 1/2

Strahl 20-oz Mixing Glass – Set of 6

H:6 1/3, T4 B:2 3/4

Strahl 16-oz Mixing Glass – Set of 6

H:6, T:3 1/2, B2 1/2

Strahl 14-oz Mixing Glass – Set of 6

H:6, T:3 1/2, B:2 1/2

Strahl 14-oz Footed Pilsner – Set of 6

H:9 1/3, T:3, B:3 1/4

Strahl 14-oz Pilsner – Set of 6

H:6 3/4, T:3 1/4, B:2 1/2

Strahl 9.5-oz Pilsner – Set of 6

H:6 1/4, T:3, B:2 1/4

Strahl 17-oz Beer Mug – Set of 6

H:6 1/2, T:3 1/3, B:3 1/4

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